This blog is a record of my time in Finland as an exchange student for the 2016-2017 school year.

I decided to come to Finland because I am interested in seeing new things; people, places, ideas, styles, histories, societies, etc. I think it is all interesting. Additionally, I grew up in a Finnish community in the US, and I have Finnish ancestry, so that also contributed to my decision to come here.

My dad was the first one to mention the idea of coming to Finland, several years ago. At the time I also expressed some interest, but I did not know the any of the language, so the matter was dropped. In the winter of 2014, my dad asked me if I would be interested in attending a summer camp where I could learn Finnish. I thought it was a fine idea, so in the summer of 2015, I attended Salolampi for one month. My time there went well. Later that summer, my dad again asked if I would like to go to Finland. I considered it for about twenty seconds before saying that I would like to go. After that, we sent an introductory letter with my great uncle to Finland, asking our relations there if anyone would like to take me in for all or part of the school year. Several months later, we received a response from a family who said they would be happy to take me in. After that, it was a matter of setting everything up so I could go. Then, on the last day of July, 2016, I left the US and flew to Helsinki, and thus began my time here.

This experience would not be possible for me if it not were for God. His hand was noticeable in every part of this trip, from the very start until this day. Praise be to him.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have about Finland while I am here, if you have any.

Have a good day!