The Final Post


This is the final post regarding my trip to Finland. I may post on here again, when I travel in the future. Until then, this is the last I will be here.

I returned to the US about a week ago. Leaving Kajaani wasn’t difficult for me. I had a wonderful time there, but now I have work to do in the US. My parents came to get me, and we visited a number of relatives on the way back to Helsinki. After spending a day in Helsinki, we flew from there through Iceland to Toronto. From Toronto, we drove to my mother’s parents’ house and stayed there for a few days before driving back home to the UP.

I had a wonderful time in Finland, and I would definitely recommend other people to study abroad if they have the opportunity. I learned a good deal about another culture, and made some great friends too. Perhaps I shall return someday. I wouldn’t mind living there.

If you are interested in more pictures of Finland, I highly recommend Sartenada’s blog. In his own words: “the aim of my blog is to present my Finland thru my photos. Every post tells a story thru the set of photos with related text”. In my opinion, he does this very well. He is an interesting man, and his work is just as interesting, and definitely worth looking into. You can find his blog here:

An enormous thank you:

To my host family, the Kolehmainens, for housing me for my stay. I had a wonderful time.

To everyone that was welcoming, friendly, or kind toward me while I was in Finland, whether from Finland or the US, in person or online. Every positive experience with a person meant a lot to me.

To my parents for helping me arrange this experience.  Without you, I would not have  been able to go on this trip.

To God for making this trip a possibility, and taking care of me during it’s course.

For those interested in statistics,  in the year that this blog has been up, it has seen:

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The average/most popular day and time to read the blog was on Tuesdays at 2 PM.

The most popular month was September of 2016, with 1800 views. This was about a third of all views the blog had. This was my second month in Finland.

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The most commented-on blog posts were “Christmas and the New Year in Finland” and “Last Weeks in Finland”, each with 6 comments.


I hope this blog has served to inform you a bit about my experience in Finland. Thank you for reading, and have a good day!