Last Weeks in Finland

When I arrived I was alone
Now I have friends and a home
This is a place I’m not sad to leave
But I’ll miss it, as I breathe
I look into faces and I see
A world here across the sea
I’ve learned good lessons which will endure
And become more kind and mature
I am changed, it is clear
That is why God put me here


I’ve come to the last few weeks of my time here in Finland. My parents will be arriving next week Friday to visit then take me home.

What’s left to do is wrapping things up, getting ready to return to the US. Next Saturday my host mother wants to throw me a going-away party. I’m happy I’ll get to see everyone at least one last time before I leave. Next Monday I will travel to Sotkamo to give another presentation to a number of students about my experience here. Next week I also need to collect my art projects from school, and start to pack too.

I will likely post a few more times, to thank everyone involved in my trip and recount some interesting data.

Have a great day!