Answers to Questions, Part 3

This short post is a response to another series of questions I was asked.

Pesäpallo, or Finnish baseball, is the national sport of Finland, and is generally the favorite summertime sport. Ice hockey is very popular in the winter. Formula One racing is also popular. Besides those three, athletics, floorball, harness racing, soccer,  bandy (related to ice hockey), basketball, and skiing are also popular, although to a lesser degree. There are professional settings and/or teams for all of these sports.

The Finns are wary of Russia and its actions, but they continue to do business with them because it’s good for the economy. They see Russian invasion as a possibility, although things look okay at the moment.

I think for some people there is a slight thought of competition against Sweden, with whom Finland has had some rough interactions in the past. Beyond that, the Finns are generally receptive of the other countries in Europe and the world, from what I have seen and heard.


2 thoughts on “Answers to Questions, Part 3

  1. jo ann culp

    Why, thank you so much. These may be things we may not of been informed of. Had it not been for your travels.

    Our weather seems alot like yours.

    No flurries as yet but lots of liquid Sunshine!

    Take care, God’s Blessings, The Culp’s


    1. Hi Ben,

      Thanks for the great information about Finland. Just curious, are you getting involved in any school clubs, organizations, etc over there? There must be some interesting things to get involved with. Also, have you gotten any snow yet?

      Uncle Tim


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