Answers to Questions

This short post is a response to a series of questions I was asked.

There are some cultural differences and similarities between the US and Finland which I detail, in part, here: Finns are more serious about making engagements compared to some people in the US. To a Finn, if you say he can come to your house some day, he will take you seriously. The Finnish don’t engage in small talk to any great extent, if at all. In the US it’s common and expected. Finns don’t mind silence in conversation so much as people from the US do. The Finnish news (in my opinion) is much nicer to watch than US news. People here can be just as foolish as in the US. Drunk people and their doings seem to be the most common issue for the police here; in the US, the police have a much broader range of incidents that they must respond to.

Some of the things people in Finland enjoy doing include going to sauna, playing sports, travelling around Finland and abroad, drinking, being in or near nature, and watching things on the internet. Of course, everyone is different, and these do not always apply.

The most enjoyable thing I have done so far in my time here has probably been seeing the countryside. However, there have been plenty of other occasions that I’ve enjoyed as well, such as seeing a Finnish baseball game and going to sauna every other night

Although Finland is different in many ways from the US, I do not think there is anything that is done here that I wouldn’t do in the US.

The most interesting feature of Finland for me is the the Finnish design. It some cases it’s superior to US designs, but in most cases it’s just an interesting, different way of doing things.

The Finnish find certain things about the US interesting; here are some: US football and baseball; US politics; small talk and other social differences; places in the US; and US food.


4 thoughts on “Answers to Questions

  1. It sounds quite interesting. How much do the Finns know about the U.S., and the happenings in the U.S.? Do they hear about the presidential election? What is the attitude toward the U.S.? Do you see many U.S. businesses over there? Do people drive Fords and Chevys? Do you see McDonalds over there? Are they happy with the increased services and taxes of a socialist state? Do you see places like Menards or Walmart? Do you hear of many rich/ poor/ homeless people? The crime rate is lower than here? What is the minimum drinking age? Do you hear much about drunk driving? What are their saunas like? I imagine it can get competitive…

    I know I have a bunch of questions. I appreciate your help with them.


    Uncle Tim


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