Life Goes On


Life goes on here in Finland, and elsewhere, as I am told. There have been a few changes in my situation which may be of interest.

Daylight hours have been decreasing steadily here in Finland. Today, the sun rose at about 8 am and went down a bit after 6 pm, meaning that we had just over 10 hours of daylight. This will continue to drop as we get further into winter.

The leaves have all fallen. Chlorophyll, a major chemical component in leaves, requires a certain amount of sunlight a day in order to react chemically and keep the leaf alive. With the decreasing daylight hours, the leaves have failed to react enough to keep themselves alive, therefore they have died.

The temperature during the daytime has been around 4 degrees Celsius recently, or about 39 degrees Fahrenheit. It seems to be decreasing.

As I’ve been typing, it was announced that the first snow has fallen in the north. I am immensely pleased.

I haven’t missed anyone, with the occasional exception for a short amount of time. Overall, I have remained happily independent. I count this as a blessing, since homesickness can be crippling. I still talk with family and friends though, via email and Skype.

I feel very comfortable here now. I have good relationships. I have seen the change of the seasons. This is like home for me.  It was interesting though, we went to visit a family who live out of town, and it reminded me a lot of home and it was probably the most relaxing thing that’s happened here. Suburban life is fine though. I remember when I first arrived, I didn’t care for it too much, so I’m glad I don’t mind it now.

I’m starting to get a good feel of the background of Finnish culture. I like it a lot.

I’ve learned to type on a Finnish keyboard just as well as a US keyboard. I think that’s cool.

I’m learning Russian in school now. It’s going surprisingly well, in my opinion. I suppose that once you learn a second language, learning a third isn’t too difficult.

I’m also taking part in an English conversation class. I find it interesting to talk about how English works and discuss how it should be used in certain situations. It makes me think about how I use it, and how I could improve my use of it for better understanding.

I feel as though I have learned and matured quite a bit since I came here. I’m not the same person who left home over two months ago. I’m happy that I’m becoming a better person.

The days seem to blur together for me. I can remember everything I have done, but it all seems like one long and great day with naps every so often.

If you would like to pray for me, pray that God would use me to bring glory to himself. I see that as my greatest calling in this life.


3 thoughts on “Life Goes On

  1. Don Kuiper

    I enjoy reading your blog and thinking about your life in Finland. I’m happy to hear you are doing well.

    Gene and i were in Germany last week for a 10 day vacation, visiting Berlin, Leipzig, Wittenburg, and other cities. I had thoughts of pointing a huge pair of binoculars northeast toward Finland to perhaps catch a glimpse of you. Alas, no binoculars were available.

    We met a German man in Leipzig who mentioned that he studied Russian in school for 10 years. His English was pretty good. We learned much about the Berlin Wall, the Nazi Party, World War 2 as well as visiting sites related to Martin Luther’s life and the Reformation.

    Stay healthy, keep us posted. Don


  2. Jo-Ann

    Certainly, always in our prayers. So interesting following you.
    Happy God is guiding you on this adventure.
    Praise be to God.
    Till next time
    The Culp’s


  3. Jean Pemberton

    Hi Ben! I just now took time to catch up on your October blogs. It’s interesting seeing how you’ve adjusted to life in Finland and your observations about it there versus in the United States. I’d say your family here misses you, but must be glad that you aren’t really homesick, being so far away, which would be a problem for all of you. Also, seeing how you’re maturing. You had a good start at that while here though.


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